DPM possesses extensive experience and know how in commercializing equipment, goods and services for energy generation, mining, cement and general industry, focusing on the technical aspects and providing customized solutions for your specific requirements.


We support our clients in all technical aspects providing customized solutions to the specific requirements and demands for different kinds of industrial 
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Technical support

As part of our team we have experienced engineers in Peru and Germany with wide-ranging technical know-how in the industry.

Communication free of barriers

We maintain direct communication with international manufacturers thanks to our trilingual technical expertise in German, English and Spanish.

Wide network of suppliers

All through Asia, Europe and America we work directly with manufacturers in order to provide the best required solution, or deliver reverse engineering solutions.


Our wide-raging international experience in different fields and processes of the industry, directly benefits our clients making it easier for them to have access to technology abroad.

All the products we distribute have an international guarantee and are submitted to a pre-sell control, which guarantees the quality of the products we deliver

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