However, this Linux distro has limited environment flexibility as you can’t customize it to your preferences. For example, you can’t change the desktop appearance without installing a third-party application like Elementary Tweaks or Pantheon Tweaks. However, the migration script works only on CentOS Stream, CentOS Linux, Alma Linux, RHEL, and Oracle Linux systems. Users of other operating systems need to install the software manually. However, users need to pay a subscription fee starting from $349/year for these features.

This site covers kernel news, but it's most well known for its detailed reporting and benchmarking on the latest Linux distros and hardware. The opinions I give here are based on all that experience and the experience of the many Linux kernel developers and distribution programmers I've known over the years. Then, just like Arch and Manjaro, you can use Sabayon Linux with Gentoo. It's entirely up to you which desktop environment you'll use and exactly how it will be customized. With sweat and toil, you can get it to fit your exact requirements and needs.

Best forensic and pentesting Linux distros of 2023

The buttons inside each of the categories have descriptive labels that will identify their function. When clicked they’ll bring up the relevant documentation to explain the exact steps the distro will take to rectify the issue. Whether you are running a Linux or a Windows machine, if you run into an error, chances are you can use Rescatux to get yourself out of the sticky situation. If you have a hybrid graphics card, the distro will give you the option to launch games on the GPU in the context menu. You’ll also be able to easily toggle between battery-saving and high-powered graphics.

Even those who are paid for penetration testing tend to use Linux. This is another Linux flavor based on Debian, but it comes with a lot of extra tools that ethical hackers might use. By default, it comes with 600 different security analysis and testing tools. We dive deeper into Kali Linux in a separate guide, should you want to learn more. On the flip side, the distro relies on a bunch of light-weight but esoteric window managers to draw the desktop.


Displays the content of the shadow file password, it contains the user’s login information such as encrypted passwords, and requires root access to modify anything related to users. Only experienced network engineers or developers can modify and access the shadow file. Once Manjaro is installed, you will be greeted with vanilla copies of Gnome, KDE, or whichever desktop operating system you want to use. The developers behind Elementary OS developed their own desktop interface called Pantheon.

VW Group's Troubled Cariad Software Division To Lay Off 2,000 ... - Slashdot

VW Group's Troubled Cariad Software Division To Lay Off 2,000 ....

Posted: Sat, 04 Nov 2023 01:00:00 GMT [source]

For instance, it’s a safe bet that anything Linus Torvalds posts are worth at least a glance. There was a time I made a living from having mastered that last trio. If you’re curious about some of the oldest Linux distros, we have an article on the earliest linux distributions – go check it out. In either case, you can opt for Ubuntu Server packages and have it installed on your server. Nevertheless, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro when it comes to deployment on the cloud (judging by the numbers— source ). Linux is the preferred operating system for software developers.

Are there alternative Linux desktop options to consider?

Sparky Linux GameOver edition is quite popular for gamers because it includes a number of pre-installed games. You can check out our list of best Linux Gaming distributions—if you also want to play games on your system. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to pick a distro that has plenty of documentation available, as well as official support and an active online forum where you can clarify your doubts. You’ll want to consider whether the user-interface is simple and friendly, and if the software repositories are vast.

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